The Center for Healthy Living is a state of the art complex offering full services for the sustaining of a healthy life for the residents of Moorings Park. It also hoses theatre and activity event places. At the north and south ends of the building were two open terraces set aside for overflow spaces during breaks in the various event functions. The challenge was to create a landscape conducive for social gathering with an interpretation of healthy living. The landscape took on the Asian influence of Zen for inspiration. The south garden is for larger gatherings and uses geometry, contrasting color and textures as elements reflecting the influence of a Zen garden. Dry river crossing, contemplative vista garden, mountainous inspired stone obelisks and contrasting forms add interest to the garden. A grouping of three removable umbrellas provide climate protection. The landscape palette includes bamboo, Japanese privet, Japanese yew along with Asian dwarf jasmine, ixora and flax lily. It is a very peaceful quiet place to reflect and recharge.


The North garden, a smaller social gathering garden incorporates two arbors with trailing Bougainvillea, a circular rockscape garden leading to a lawn area and a repeat of the mountainous influenced obelisks. Plantings of bamboo, bougainvillea, Japanese yew and purple queen provide a richness, softness to the strong geometric patterns of the surface. The garden is a popular place for employees and for residents taking a break from the adjacent fitness center facilities.



Landscape as it relates to Healthcare is very special. It is an opportunity to touch on the senses in a time of need and has been documented to have significant restorative and healing power. The Hope Hospice landscape brings this opportunity to the forefront in three major areas. A gathering area for social functions, where patients and families can visit while enjoying the outdoors is focused around a Butterfly Garden. The tranquility and vitality is exhilarating. The main social hall opens to a large terrace with a focal point of a tiered water feature bringing the soothing sounds of water splashing and gurgling to an awareness that reaches the purity of life. The main attraction in the landscape is the Labyrinth Garden positioned to be aligned with the water feature which leads to the entrance to the labyrinth. Circumnavigating a labyrinth brings a contemplative, tranquil and meditative mood and allows us to focus on our well- being in a quiet setting. Central to this Labyrinth Garden is  a meditative terrace with a walled surround columbarium and a centrally located tree of life.