Tiburon Golf Landscape


Golf and Landscape are essential partners. Golf is a wonderful sport played in the environment and the landscape is the controller of the environment. It can be natural, ornamentally sculptured, heavily treed, colorful or desert, incorporating all forms of water or a sparse savannah grassland. Whichever the landscape is selected to express, it must be responsive to the playability of the game of golf.


Tiburon landscape, a very upper end resort anchored at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, expresses a natural relationship to the existing topography, landscape and it takes on a native Southwest Florida landscape basically carved through a forest of pines as its foundation. Native trees such as Red Maples, Oaks, Gumbo Limbos, Magnolias,  Cabbage palms and Green Buttonwoods enhanced the setting. The understory brings life to environment.  A selection of native grasses : Dwarf Fakahatchee, Muhly, Sand Cord, is combined with Gallardia, Bush Daisy, Native Ferns, Lantana, Beach sunflower, Bay Bean and Dwarf Cyperus are grouped in massings to provide a beautiful ground plane in contrast to the velvet green of the fareways. The landscape results in an environment that adds the wonder of the native lands ape to the enjoyment of a round of golf. It puts the golfer in touch with a true sense of the Southwest Florida environment.