About Us

At JRL Design Studios, nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. We have been locally-owned and operating in Naples, Florida since 1978 and our work has made exemplary contributions to the vibrancy of our region through strong design, technical integrity and a vision toward innovation. As an established landscape architecture firm, we draw on a wealth of experience with Florida coastal landscapes to bring your visions to life.

Our Approach


The JRL DESIGN STUDIOS approach to an integrated design methodology ensures that each project is realized with and is supported by sustainability for outstanding environmental performance, material resilience, technical innovation, and regional material expression. The result is an innovative, client-unique design expression.



FNGA Award of Excellence – Interiorscapes
ASLA Award of Excellence – Tiburon Golf Landscape
ASLA Award of Honor – Innovative Design Approach
FASLA Award of Merit – Pelican Landing Landscape Master Plan
ASLA Award of Honor– Pelican Bay
FNGLA Award of Excellence – Port Royal Estate Home